LMS Learning Management System from Stonewall Solutions


Streamline the delivery of your educational training courses

The Learning Management System (LMS) from Stonewall allows organizations to manage full life-cycle curriculum build, content delivery, testing, scoring, and compliance verification to help you provide a structured training process.

With the ability to create educational courses and course content, conduct training sessions, administer testing, run analytical reports, and manage system users, the LMS will provide your team with the necessary tools to meet professional education and testing standards. This solution revolutionizes the training processes in any organization.

  • Create customized courses, training materials & tests
  • Fine control over training methods
  • Enhance strict training standards
  • Seamless transition from pre-existing systems

How LMS Learning Management System Works...

LMS offers comprehensive online learning and training

Promote comprehensive online user training & learning

LMS administrators can create customized courses, training materials, and tests through an intuitive user interface.

Once created, all courses, materials, and tests can be managed and updated by LMS administrators. This allows organizations to have control over training methods and the ability to enforce strict training standards.

LMS offers integrated technology and increased value

Integrated technology means increased value across systems

The LMS solution was designed with integration in mind to allow a seamless transition for users and administrators familiar with pre-existing systems.

By utilizing modern and integration-centered technology frameworks, the Stonewall LMS allows organizations to provide e-Learning without introducing a new and complex system into employees' day-to-day routine. The LMS allows your organization to provide an e-Learning system seamlessly across pre-existing systems.

LMS offers powerful tools for administrators

Powerful tools for administrators

LMS Administrators manage all courses, educational materials, tests, and users from an easily accessible portal. Intuitive analytics functionality allows creation and review of extensive reports on training data.

Administrators can easily access all of the LMS functionality within the portal to manage the entire organization's training process seamlessly.

Key Features of LMS Learning Management System

LMS offers access for admins, instructors, and trainees

Administrator, instructor, & trainee portal access
The LMS provides access to organization administrators, training instructors, and employee trainees allowing an easily manageable and accessible e-Learning platform. Organization-wide access to the seamless LMS training portal promotes and simplifies digital training processes.

Stonewall LMS offers extensive reporting and analytics information

The Stonewall LMS allows extensive reporting on educational and training data, providing key analytics for evaluating both the organization training process and individual employee progress. Reporting queries can be customized based on specific needs.

Stonewall LMS can integrate easily into your existing systems

Integrated technology platform
The Stonewall LMS is built to seamlessly integrate into existing employee utilized systems, preventing the stress caused by implementing a new and siloed solution. An LMS interface can be built into any existing platform, allowing easy access to the LMS portal for organizations.

LMS offers security to control portal access

By following industry standard security tools, the LMS offers secure validation features for controlling portal access. Three pre-defined user roles allow precise control of LMS user functionality and prevent inappropriate system use or data tampering.

LMS Learning Management System Use Case Spotlight LMS Learning Management System in use at the MA Office of the Chief Medical Examiner


MA Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

The Stonewall Learning Management System is being used by the MA Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The MA OCME implemented the LMS to develop training curriculum and provide training courses that will result in highly trained, professional, and competent staff within the organization.

The Stonewall LMS will provide the MA OCME with an intuitive and comprehensive eLearning solution that will allow the department to modernize training practices. The LMS will house all training curriculum, course information, and test materials, serving as a single platform for the department's training needs. The Stonewall team has worked closely with the MA OCME to ensure all needs are met and to provide LMS customizations based on their specific use case for the system.

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