A Suite of Apps Designed to Help Safely Navigate in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 Self Screening tool from Stonewall Solutions

COVID Self Screening

Individuals entering state facilities can now selfscreen for symptoms of COVID-19 on their mobile device before entering a building. This provides the public and employees with a safe way to assess their health and feel comfortable when visiting a government building.

This tool can also be enable with approval/denial access so an organization or agency can prevent access to any individuals who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. The Screening Tool can be accessible both publicly or with a user account.

This application allows the state to begin the process of reopening to the public while ensuring their safety. The application works by:

  • Public-facing self-screening form to allow individuals to respond to COVID-19 symptom related questions and by returned an approval or denial for facility entrance.
  • Powerful admin functionality to track building capacity, current and past individuals, and full reporting metrics.

First Responder Portal

The COVID-19 First Responder Portal Address Query allows first responders and law enforcement to query addresses and receive a matching result for COVID-19 positive locations.

This allows responders to wear PPE and respond appropriately to the situation. The address query search functions by:

  • Dispatchers can run the individual's address of a call for service, motor vehicle stop, etc.
  • The search will show either a matching result, signifying a positive case, or no results, signifying no case at the address.
COVID-19 First Responder Portal from Stonewall Technology Solutions
COVID-19 Inquiry and Inspections Case Management Tool from Stonewall Technology Solutions

Inquiry and Inspections Case Management System

The Department of Business Regulations Inquiry and Inspections Case Management System will allow state agencies to effectively track, respond, and investigate inquiries or complaints made against businesses.

This case management system will provide a comprehensive tool to ensure businesses are complying with all COVID-19 orders and regulations.

Complaints and inquiries can be made by the public and state agencies can effectively track their response and investigation.

Learn more about Stonewall's Case Management System

ReServe Reservation System

Stonewall's ReServe solution has always been a powerful took for secure, online scheduling. During the COVID-19 pandemic however, ReServe has become a critically important tool to protect the public and help save lives.

ReServe is being used in state agencies to manage the flow of the public in need of state services. The ReServe solution is also being utilized in the private sector to begin the process of reopening businesses to the public.

Stonewall provides:

  • Increased Security, Efficiency, & ROI
  • Innovative Technology Solutions
  • Secure & Affordable Cloud Hosting
  • Custom Application Development
Learn more about ReServe Reservation System
Stonewall Solutions' ReServe Reservation System helps with reopening during COVID-19

Consulting Engagements

Stonewall has provided consulting and placed candidates to assist in COVID-19 critical projects in the following areas of expertise:

.NET and SQL Application Development from Stonewall Soutions

.NET/SQL Application Development

Database Administrators

Organizations that need Microsoft365 & Sharepoint Architects turn to Stonewall Soutions during COVID-19

Microsoft365 & Sharepoint Architects

Stonewall Solutions offers Project / Program Management for organizations during COVID-19

Project / Program Management

AWS and Azure Cloud Mitigation Services from Stonewall Solutions bring peace of mind during COVID-19

AWS and Azure Cloud Mitigation Services

COBOL Programmers and Administrators are a specialty from Stonewall Solutions

COBOL Programmers and Administrators

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