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Track and analyze customer data while reducing paperwork and waste

Stonewall Solutions has been building case management systems over a decade. Our case management systems include anywhere from less than one hundred data fields to thousands. These systems help our clients automate their internal processes and save them trips to filing cabinets. Our case management practice has improved efficiencies for over 100 public sector clients.

Further, each case management system that we build includes completely customized reporting. Our customized reporting allows organizations to quickly gather status updates, statistical data, and end-user data. For executive teams, we build and deploy organizational overview dashboards to ensure ease of data interpretation.

Benefits of Stonewall's CMS Case Management System

The Benefits of Case Management System

  • Track and organize record information, from initiation to close
  • Optimize information storing & sharing with customized workflows
  • Enable transparent record monitoring and support decision-making
  • Promote collaboration, consolidation and efficiency across agencies

How Case Management System Works...

CMS utilizes cloud storage for unlimited space

Cloud storage means unlimited space for endless data

The CMS solution was designed to house your data in the cloud, meaning unlimited space for storing and sharing information.

By utilizing unlimited cloud storage, the Stonewall CMS allows organizations to store, track and share extensive data through a cloud platform, alleviating on-premise storage concerns and limitations. The CMS allows your organization to provide an extensive database, accessible from anywhere.

Stonewall's CMS creates customizable databases to meet your needs

Create an extensive database customized to organizational needs

The Stonewall CMS provides an extensive database customized to the informational needs of the organization.

The CMS is designed to track the data and informational needs of your organization by allowing the custom definition of CMS data fields and work flows. This allows organizations to have control over the information that is being captured and entered into the database.

CMS provides administrators with efficiency in data sharing

Promote efficiency and transparency with enhanced data sharing

CMS administrators can promote organization-wide efficiency and transparency practices by enhancing data sharing capabilities.

Organization administrators and users can easily access and share data to designated recipients instantly. Additionally, promote data transparency with increased reporting capabilities.

Key Features of CMS Case Management System

Stonewall CMS offers organization wide access

Organization Wide Access
The Stonewall CMS provides organization-wide access to end users securely and based on role authentication. Organization-wide access to the extensive CMS database promotes and simplifies data collecting, storing, and information sharing.

Stonewall's CMS allows for extensive reporting and analytics data

Reporting & Analytics
The Stonewall CMS allows extensive reporting on an organization's stored data, providing users with key analytics for evaluating collected information and data processes. Reporting queries can be run by organization defined search fields to customize the analytics gathered based on specific needs.

Stonewall CMS can be easily integrated into your existing technologies

Intuitive Technology Platform
The Stonewall CMS is built to be easily navigated and utilized by organization end users, preventing the stress and resistance caused by introducing a complex database system. A CMS interface can be built into any existing platform, allowing easy navigation to the database from an existing organization site.

CMS offers industry standard security tools to control database access

By utilizing industry standard security tools, the CMS offers secure validation features for controlling database access. Defined user roles allow precise control of CMS user functionality and prevent inappropriate system use or data tampering. Administrators can control the ability to enter, modify, review, and share data based on an individual user or group role.

CMS Case Management System Use Case Spotlight CMS Case Management System in use at the RI Office of the Attorney General


RI Office of the Attorney General

The Rhode Island Criminal Case Management System enables charge registration and tracking of all felony cases within the State of Rhode Island, full case life cycle. The systems manages registration of cases, offenders, and victims for all crimes in Rhode Island.

Stonewall Solutions has designed and built the RIAG Case Management System (CMS) by replacing antiquated excel, access databases, and manual systems. The Case Management System provides case data integration, collaboration and reporting to support Criminal Division Unit users and Prosecutorial Teams.

  • Approximately 360,000 lines of application and database code customized by Stonewall
  • 109 customized reports built by Stonewall
  • More than 250 custom queries built by Stonewall
  • 116 custom look-up tables defined and enhanced by Stonewall
  • Approximately 600 custom application fields were defined by Stonewall
  • More than 800 database objects were defined and built by Stonewall

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