ReServe Reservation Service from Stonewall Solutions


Reduce overhead while improving the customer experience

ReServe provides secure online appointment scheduling for efficient transaction management. ReServe allows organizations to lower staffing requirements, reduce stress, decrease operational costs, and improve response times and service delivery. ReServe will help you balance transactions evenly across work periods.

With options to define transaction or appointment types as well as customize system parameters, ReServe will provide your team with the necessary tools to digitalize your customer service process. This dramatically reduces the time, cost and errors inherent in outdated customer service processes.

  • Lower staffing requirements
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Improve response times
  • Improve service delivery
  • Reduce stress

How ReServe Reservation Management Works...

ReServe appointments can be managed by customers

Appointments managed by customers

ReServe users create individual appointments, based on their schedule and transaction type preferences.

Once created, appointments can be updated or canceled online by the user, preventing any burden on organizations or employees. This allows organizations to divert freed up resources to other areas and increase employee productivity.

ReServe uses the cloud for low cost and fast roll-out

The Cloud means low cost, fast roll-out

The Stonewall Cloud currently supports more than seventy clients and is certified to meet NCIC / FBI security and operational standards.

By utilizing our cloud base, clients can minimize operating costs, eliminate the need for technical resources, and allow the ReServe system to be implemented almost immediately.

ReServe administrators have powerful tools at their disposal

Powerful tools for administrators

ReServe administrators manage their appointment and customer service processes from afar, with minimal time being required to successfully manage large numbers of customers.

Administrators can easily access the ReServe system portal to manage appointments, across locations, and define transaction parameters.

We've successfully implemented ReServe for clients in the following industries....

  • Information Technology
  • Security and Defense
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Customer Service
  • Hospitality

Key Features of ReServe

ReServe gives portal access to the public and administrators

Public & administrator portal access
ReServe provides public access to customers and administrator access to employees, allowing full management of appointments for your organization's services. Portal access evens out transaction volumes while decreasing wait times & improving service.

ReServe includes security that prevents inappropriate use

ReServe offers security validation features and registration control features to minimize inappropriate use. Captcha validation prevents .bot and automated penetration access, while email validation allows configurable limits to active reservation counts per user.

ReServe is device independent and can run on phones, tablets, desktops and Macs

Device Independence
Utilizing a flexible and intuitive interface, ReServe functions as a responsive application available on a user's desired device: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and Mac environments.

ReServe includes flexible analytics and reporting features

Flexible reporting it provided both transaction volumes by period and analytics for volumes by types of transactions over chosen date / time ranges.


RI Department of Motor Vehicles

The RI Department of Motor Vehicle's 40 year-old computer system was starting to show it's age. With long delays and a stressful work environment, it was clear that the organization needed to make a change.

The DMV worked with Stonewall to customize the ReServe system in 2017 and it was an immediate success. By allowing the customers to take reservations online, it shortened lines and cut wait times dramatically. Employees were able to understand and use the intuitive new system quickly while customers were pleasantly surprised by the speed of what was historically a long and frustrating process.

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